Sir: In your article on the government’s Future High Streets Forum, a member of the forum cites the importance of not adopting a one-size-fits-all approach (‘New high street plan to test ‘common factors of success’,’ 15 February). Based on the work that Brand Potential has done for the likes of McDonald’s, Thorntons and Morrisons, we believe this represents the real opportunity and challenge for retailers.

Yes, consumer confidence is returning, footfall will stabilise (and may even increase), the percentage of empty units is falling and new store openings are likely to go beyond the obligatory pawnbrokers, charity shops and coffee houses. But there needs to be an acceptance that things have moved on.

The pace of online shopping will continue to accelerate and high streets will have to change. Consumers are now shopping differently and shopping different high streets differently. Understanding the relationship between a high street, its traffic drivers and the shopper missions it now attracts will be key to creating a tailored retail experience. No more one size fits all.

Chris Molloy, co-founder and director, Brand Potential