Sir: I welcome last week’s Green Issue, not least for the message that waste is the most pressing issue for consumers.

They are increasingly turning to frozen food to cut waste and save money. Maybe it’s time for retailers to follow suit by ending their obsession with chilled food. Retailers are increasingly seduced by chilled and ambient food, which is leading to enormous waste problems. The chilled market has doubled in recent years, yet 8% of the food still goes to waste. Add the fact that a fifth of all household food is dumped every year and the problem is abundantly clear.

For a long time, frozen food has compared favourably to chilled in quality, nutrition and value. Now, a report from The Institute of Refrigeration has calculated that it has real green credentials, being less CO2 intensive than chilled food.

There is a massive structural problem in the food industry that is costing us the earth. Here is a way in which retailers can do their bit to put a freeze on global warming.

Neil Court-Johnston, MD, Poole’s Pies