Sir: It was great to read that frozen retailers have fared particularly well this year in your top 100 grocery retailers list (‘Britain’s biggest grocers’, 8 September).

A growth in profit for the major players such as Iceland, alongside Farmfoods, which saw 44% year-on-year growth, has shown that frozen food is increasingly gaining prominence in the retail sector.

Research has shown that not only is frozen food as good as its chilled counterparts, in terms of nutrition and flavour, but that consumers can save significantly on their food budget by switching to frozen foods. When many retailers are struggling in the face of contracting household budgets, the frozen specialists are going from strength to strength.

Value frozen outlets have continued to make significant gains. For example Frozen Value and Cooltrader (now part of Heron Foods) have seen 135% and 153% y-o-y profit growth respectively. Premium frozen retailer Cook is also making significant gains this year, with a 20% increase in turnover.

As more consumers embrace the benefits of frozen, we can expect to see all frozen traders experiencing greater growth.

Brian Young, director general, British Frozen Food Federation