Sir: The new McVitie’s ads have got everyone talking about super-cuteness and biscuits (‘UBUK aims for the Sweeet spot with McVitie’s relaunch,’, 3 February).

But all that awareness means nothing if it doesn’t motivate shoppers to buy. That’s why this is not only UB’s biggest investment in an ad campaign, but its biggest investment in-store.

Nothing has been left to chance. Client and agency have been on the shop floor, checking PoS. But it’s the feedback we’ve had at store level that’s been most enlightening. Staff and shoppers seem delighted to see creativity in a traditionally low-interest aisle. The early signs sales-wise are also positive, with product flying off shelves. I hope this marks a significant shift in the appetite for Tesco and other grocers to embrace brand activity in-store, and reignites brand owners’ appreciation of in-store activity.

Rob Sellers, director, Dialogue London