Sir, Household brands and retailers will help make green living easy for millions, and progress towards sustainable consumption will not be knocked off course by a weak global economy. Those are the key findings of a report we published this week, Consumer Futures 2020, where, along with Sainsbury’s and Unilever, we examined how consumers might be living in 2020.

Our conviction comes from the knowledge that some key trends will force sustainable products and services into the mainstream, whether or not consumers demand them, and regardless of the state of the global economy.

We are running low on vital natural resources, from water to timber, and that price volatility will continue. It just isn’t realistic to ­expect the natural resources on which all supply chains rely to be available in the same quantity and at the same low price as today.

Right now, consumers can easily find information on the origins of products thanks to social media, and this trend is likely to continue. By the time we hit 2020, it just won’t be possible for businesses and brands to gloss over areas of poor environmental performance.

Dr Sally Uren, deputy chief executive, Forum for the Future