Sir, The reported 3.4% reduction in sugar content of food and drink consumed in the UK (‘UK winning war on sugar,’ The Grocer, 21 October, p4) is only a first step in improving the health of a nation where a quarter of the population is obese.

However, despite the work so far from manufacturers on reducing sugar content and calorie counts, four out of five shoppers say they see sugary products on promotion in their supermarket more often than healthier options, and these special offers will often be partially funded by the manufacturers. In addition, over 60% of people in the UK say there are too many unhealthy foods for sale in the supermarket overall. The opportunity is clear: food retailers can position themselves as leaders in helping their customers live healthier lives, through small and simple changes in store, their ranges, and how their products are promoted.

Duncan Brewer, partner in the retail and consumer team at Oliver Wyman