Sir: In October, we issued a call for retailers to support Quick Reads (‘Quick Reads scheme reveals price and author roster for 2013’, 6 October). We’re still calling on support from supermarkets.

I can’t overstate how important this scheme is. A staggering 12 million adults in the UK find reading difficult and may never pick up a book. The economic impact of low literacy levels is huge, but it is the personal aspect that most motivates me. When people can’t read well it makes it so much more difficult to get a job, and to do things most of us take for granted like fill in forms and go to the bank.

Supermarkets are vitally important to Quick Reads, as people are much more likely to pick up a book in a familiar setting like a local supermarket while doing their weekly shop. All retailers need to do is dedicate six weeks of shelf space during campaign time (from 14 February 2013). We have a fabulous list of books and have lowered the price to £1. We really hope you can help us to get more people turning the page on a new chapter. Cathy Rentzenbrink, project director, Quick Reads