Sir: In response to John Barton’s Talking Shop about false social media numbers (‘Are you a ‘like fraud’ victim?’, 22 February, p23), controversial as it may sound, brands may be better off treating social media numbers as just interesting rather than important.

The ease with which social media numbers can be cheaply bought means there can be little trust in them and therefore little value.

Channel 4 Dispatches recently did a programme on ‘click farms’ and showed just how easy it was for a marketing agency to raise the numbers, unknown to their client. I recently caught a marketing manager at a major brand out. It appeared her media company was buying YouTube views so she could meet an over-ambitious one million views target.

The real question is ‘do social media numbers deliver sales?’ The answer is probably not. Who really wants a relationship with cheese, ham or eggs on Facebook?

Chris Arnold, founder, Creative Orchestra