Sir: While Sir Stelios’ idea is charitable, I agree with Adam Leyland that he has very little chance of building a commercial operation out of Easyfoodstore (‘Easyfoodstore? Sounds like a dystopian vision from 1970s East Germany,’ 10 August).

The store would not just be pitting itself against the likes of Lidl, Aldi and Tesco, all of which have the scalability and buying power to offer quality products at low costs, but also the established fixed price discounters.

A start-up cannot create a model that can compete with these large discounters. They are successful for many reasons brand awareness, advertising and loyalty schemes, not to mention their vast scale and having an effective warehouse and logistics operations.

To be low cost, you need to buy in bulk from suppliers and one store in Croydon doesn’t offer you sufficient discount on quality products. Easyfoodstore could end up buying substandard products to cut costs, which will undermine the proposition entirely.

Mark Croxton, head of global customer support, Symphony EYC