Sir, Following the announcement in the coalition's Comprehensive Spending Review regarding the changes to the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme, I am compelled to write.

This is an unfair u-turn that has turned the scheme into a green tax of 5%-10% on your readers' energy costs, and also removes benefits many businesses in the industry will have invested in at a time of hardship ('Outcry as Osborne carbon stealth tax lands on retailers', The Grocer, 23 October).

Examples are accreditation for the Carbon Trust Standard, typically costing £15,000, and installing Automatic Meter Reading, which both provided enhanced rates of return under the CRC Scheme. While these actions remain positive and cost-effective, it is unfair to companies that the enhanced benefit under the CRC regulations has been lost. Budgeting is also affected. Instead of planning for a six-month cashflow, payments will take the form of an annual payment.

It is a great shame that such a well intended scheme has been affected in this way, and your readers that qualify under the scheme will now feel punched in the gut.

John Field Director of carbon management, Power Efficiency