Sir, Kevin Hawkins' cogent rebuttal of the NFU president's appeal for 'a fair share for all' is to be applauded (Second Opinion, The Grocer, 4 June). Supermarkets aren't bullies but they are ruthlessly efficient in the way that few British industries are. Suppliers aren't forced to deal with them, and if they showed a little more nous, organisation or cojones they might not find themselves in such a self afflicted and enfeebled state. It's a simple deal between willing buyer and willing seller, but say yes to the demands every time and you're in a perpetually weak position.

Likewise, consumers have choice of where to shop: don't like one of the top six, go to one of the others. Or here's a secret there are specialist and independent shops only too happy to see you.

Personally, I don't like shopping at Tesco and would never consider even buying a newspaper at one of its stores but I'm appalled by the recent mob violence directed towards its Express store in Bristol.

Don't like it? Don't shop there: you have a choice.

Glenn Payne, former multiple buyer at Sainsbury's, Fine Fare, The Co-op Group and Safeway