Sir, Transport minister Mike Penning is right to call on local councils to become more flexible with night-time deliveries. And we are encouraged by the results from the Quiet Delivery Demonstration Scheme ('DfT in call for more night-time deliveries', 2 July).

The results substantiate our ongoing campaign for night-time deliveries. Beyond reducing fuel consumption and improving shelf availability, they can cut congestion, enhance journey time reliability, improve working practices, and even have a positive impact on air quality and road safety.

However, what is missing are national guidelines towards extended and night-time deliveries to ensure a consistent approach from local authorities. To enable out-of-hours deliveries, there is a requirement for retailers to invest in facilities, while the logistics sector needs to give its customers the confidence to make this commitment, which is a real challenge while local authority policies remain inconsistent. Only when government has agreed on consistent national guidelines will retailers be able to justify the potential capital investment.

The government has put logistics at the heart of phase two of its growth strategy. What is now needed is a joined-up and national approach towards the more specific issues that affect the industry.

Gareth Smith, solutions director, Wincanton