Sir, In response to the letter from farmers Jill and Paul Britten (9 October 2010), those who have seen recent reports from our farms on Channel 4 will hopefully have realised by now that Nocton Dairies' cows will not live in the filthy, dark, cramped conditions the animal rights groups like to portray, but in light, airy, exceptionally clean buildings with natural diets and freedom to go outside.

The claims of the animal rights groups on their web pages often accompanied by donation requests are baseless because not one has been to our farms to see the prototype housing for Nocton Dairies, choosing instead to film horrendous units in the US that bear no relation to our plans. They even admit they oppose the farm on principle, not fact.

The RSPCA has said that the system has the potential to be very good or very bad, and we are wholeheartedly committed to making it the 'cow palace' they suggest it could be. Many farms in the UK including the recent winner of a Dairy Farmer of the Year title already operate similar systems to the one we are proposing, enjoying spectacular welfare results.

We invite the Brittens, and in fact anyone with concerns about cow welfare, to visit so they can explore the facts about how we and many other large-scale UK dairy farmers really do take care of our cows.

Peter Willes and David Barnes, directors, Nocton Dairies