Sir, When it comes to healthy eating, there is nothing more important than fruit and vegetables. Research from Oxford shows that if everyone in the UK got their five-a-day, more than 15,000 premature deaths a year would be prevented. No other dietary change has greater potential to improve the health of the nation.

That's why we're disappointed with the Responsibility Deal ('Big deal? The pledges that might make Brits healthier', The Grocer, 19 March). It was written to guide on healthy eating, but ignores the most important thing of all fruit and veg.

Admittedly, this omission is not surprising given that companies that specialise in making chocolate and crisps were asked to lead the thinking. But the absence is particularly concerning at a time of rising food prices, which will put an additional strain on fruit and veg intakes.

One of the recommendations that featured in our own Innocent Orange Paper report, published in February, was that the government should be doing more to look more closely at options to reduce the cost of healthier food choices, particularly fruit and veg.

If the government is serious about improving the health of the nation, it must act now and make stronger commitments that focus on areas that will make the biggest difference to the nation's health.

Richard Reed, founder, Innocent