Sir, With regard to Tesco’s new ­pricing offensive, I hope Tesco doesn’t fall into the trap of thinking price is everything. That’s why Asda has struggled to grow. Sainsbury’s and Morrisons take a multi-track approach with keen pricing and promotions and strategic initiatives such as Feed Your Family For £50.

Tesco is not a loved brand with emotional engagement. Admired, yes, but not loved. Part of the reason for this is to do with its size and Tesco should show why size matters by highlighting the difference it makes to local communities. Some high-­profile cause-related marketing could really enhance perceptions of it. If Tesco is humble enough, it can assess rivals’ strengths and build on them. I’m a loyal Tesco shopper I just want it to be proactive, not reactive.

Casper Gorniok, Alchemy Business Consultancy