Sir: M&S CEO Marc Bolland talked of the need to “excite and delight our customers” and promised “trend leadership and quality” in clothing when M&S’s results were announced. These are definitely not the words that I associate with M&S fashion - its food perhaps.

M&S once stood for quality, but it was never a fashion icon and never will be if it continues to sell clothes as it does a prawn sandwich. Its last attempt at fashion was to compete with the Zaras and the Primarks - affordable “throwaway” fashion. What was M&S thinking?

M&S is a trusted brand that we all love and want to succeed. It had a great reputation for “no-hassle returns” and still is seen as offering good quality clothing at affordable prices. A style icon it is not . yet, but it could be if it embraced the digital world. It should “build” its fashion status virtually and then reflect the experience in-store. M&S has a unique opportunity to create a fashion destination. It should give us in fashion what it gave us in food!

Mark Artus, CEO, global branding agency 1HQ