Sir: Debate rages on about consumer take-up of in-store mobile payment. Only last month Vocalink claimed half of UK smartphone users would switch to mobile payment if supermarkets offered it, while Gartner noted that a number of high-profile services such as Google Wallet are struggling to gain users.

The advantage of mobile payment is that it’s fast and simplifies the transaction process. But there are concerns over the security and legitimacy of payments. We need something more robust.

Apple offers one solution. No matter where you are in their stores, if you want to pay for something immediately, you can. You are emailed a receipt. If you’re not bothered about having one that’s great, but for many shoppers who are only just getting used to mobile technology, it’s not yet a viable mainstream solution.

Another option is an all-in-one terminal, which can process card payments, adhere to strict PCI payment compliance regulations, serve the customer quickly and issue a receipt on the spot, all from the same device. For shoppers, payment is available throughout the store with peace of mind that they are served by a human, can ask questions, and pay quickly and securely. If retailers embrace mobile technology in this way, they could make the queue extinct - and the c-store format really will be convenient.

Simon Pont, CEO, ECR Retail Systems