Sir: The launch of the mySuperList app shows a smart approach to consumer behaviour and certainly creates interesting opportunities within the market both for brands and customers (‘Comparison site offers new mySuperList mobile app,’ 13 July).

While most brands have been focused on offering solutions to the cash-rich time-poor consumer, has recognised the changing needs of the price-promiscuous customer, marrying together deal-hunting and time saving. A clever move for the brand as customers continue to feel the effects of the squeezed middle and seek value for money purchases available instantly through whichever channel they choose to shop.

Retailers and brands looking to benefit must ensure content creation and consolidation are at the core of their strategies. As customers now have price comparison at the end of their fingertips, it’s the brands that keep content relevant, engaging and accessible across all platforms that will reap the rewards.

Geoff Gower, managing partner, ais London