Sir: Nestlé is what’s known in the trade as a cereal offender (‘Nestlé cereal ads banned for misleading nutritional claims,’, 31 July).

We too complained to the Advertising Standards Association about The Battle of the Breakfasts, over a year ago. Our issues were similar to those upheld last week.

At that time the ASA stated: “Nestlé has given us their assurance they will work with CAP to ensure the claims on their website are compliant with the CAP Code. Because Nestlé has given us their assurance that they will work with CAP, and that any changes will be applied across all their advertising, we consider there is little to be gained from continuing with a formal investigation, which would achieve the same outcome.”

We’re glad further complaints by others changed the ASA’s mind. It’s just a shame that the wheels of justice turn so slowly - to nobody’s benefit but Nestlé’s. Cereals are also one of the few parts of the Nestlé empire yet to adopt the new front-of-pack nutrition labelling, raising questions about whether its partnership with General Mills might be holding it back on social responsibility.

Malcolm Clark, co-ordinator, Children’s Food Campaign