I’d like to echo the sentiments of Leendert den Hollander, chief executive of Young’s Seafood, expressed in last week’s Saturday Essay. The efforts of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall in promoting sustainable fishing are just the beginning.

As Norwegians, we’re proud of the commitment we made to better management and harvesting of the clear waters of the North East Arctic several decades ago. All discards are outlawed in Norway. We obtained our first MSC certification for a cod fishery in 2008. The same year the WWF concluded our fisheries management system is significantly better than other similar fisheries in the Atlantic. The Barents (accounting for 93% of Norwegian cod catches) has the largest stock in the world and UNFAO ranks Norway world number one for responsible fishing management.

We believe the British public appreciate that clear indication of origin offers wider choice and it’s this that will increase their consumption of sustainable, ‘guilt-free Norwegian cod.

Thanks to Hugh, Young’s and others, we all understand more about preserving our seafood heritage. We now need to focus on provenance. The Norwegian Seafood Export Council plans to address this, making our own significant contribution to the Fish Fight.

Johan Kvalheim, director UK and France, Norwegian Seafood Export Council