Sir: Occasionally, I find a copy of The Grocer in our canteen at work and I thought your magazine might be able to highlight the spread of a ‘disease’ within the food industry. I work as an overnight replenishment assistant for one of the major supermarkets. In my five years doing this, I have noticed a rapid spread of the ‘disease’.

Most suppliers send their products in shelf-ready display boxes. This is a great improvement on having to remove products and stack them individually. However, quite often the items inside are facing the wrong way, upside down, sideways or a variation of all of these. Why go to the expense of designing a display box, and then fill them in such a way? Is it similar to my situation - where there are insufficient staff and therefore time to do a proper job - or is it the ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude? If ‘they’ don’t have time to spend packing them correctly, staff at the retail end don’t have time to correct it.

So, if the contents are back-to-front, sad to say, that’s how they invariably go on the shelf.

Jim Ferguson, Harrogate