Sir: I read with interest the industry’s reaction to the new front-of-pack labelling system (‘Food labelling system draws mixed response’).

With lifestyle-related illnesses on the rise, the government needs to tackle the root cause. The new system is an opportunity for companies to show their willingness to do this and could potentially stave off more draconian legislation.

Yes, early adopters will have to swallow the costs of a new system and in the short term could lose market share to rivals choosing not to use it. But not complying may be risky consumer groups are already calling for the government to name and shame companies not playing ball. If companies don’t get behind this, lobbying against both them and our industry will intensify.

Clearer labelling could help the industry better engage with consumers - 39% of consumer goods execs surveyed by KPMG and the Consumer Goods Forum believe more health-conscious and educated consumers provide the greatest opportunity for their organisations. While labelling can’t prevent obesity, it’s a step towards helping consumers make more informed choices about what they eat.

Liz Claydon, head of UK consumer markets, KPMG