Joel Smith’s ‘Pick up the Olympic baton at your peril’ piece took an extremely risk-averse approach to the Olympic opportunity.

Making sure your brand gets noticed during this consumer spending frenzy should be key to most strategies. The Olympics is one of the biggest marketing opportunities of 2012.

Most sporting and health brands should see a natural benefit by association with any sporting event of this magnitude for fmcg brands in categories such as take-home snacks, the watchability of this event provides an unmissable chance to reach consumers.

There is no question companies should follow LOCOG regulations, but that doesn’t mean brands have to be invisible. Those that are careful and creative with their marketing and build appropriate engagement with consumers should see a return on investment, even if they aren’t an official sponsor.

Just look at non-sponsor Nike. It’s #Make it Count campaign, features British, Nike-sponsored athletes and aligns the brand with the Olympics yet keeps within LOCOG guidelines.

Fred Porro, managing director, Ignite brand experience agency