Everyone’s ramping up their online presence, but it’s worth bearing in mind that a recent poll conducted by YouGov for VoucherCodes.co.uk, 49% of UK consumers have never bought groceries online. And of those, 28% said they would never buy groceries online. This begs the question, when online selling elsewhere is going from strength to strength, what are online grocery stores doing wrong?

On the face of it, most of the supermarket giants have welldeveloped e-commerce sites. But there are a lot of products to be sorted through and perhaps that’s part of the problem. Also there’s the question of whether consumers are really getting what they want.

Perhaps what needs to be done is to improve the overall experience both off and online to ensure brand loyalty. It is obvious that a multichannel offering is the driver for any supermarket giant, and most supermarkets are increasing the supermarkets are increasing the number of touchpoints a client can use. However, the variety and usability of these channels needs to be improved and retailers need to be seen to be as exible and “honest” as possible.

Katrin Jähnke, head of international business, FACTFinder. com