Sir: If Poundworld believes a £20 basket is achievable, its online venture is a good move (‘ set to become online portal for Poundworld’, 1 February). But it should bear in mind that running an e-commerce site may not be as cost-beneficial as expected.

With Poundworld requiring a minimum order of £20 and charging £3 for delivery, it could be said to be cutting across its brand values. These factors will take products out of the £1 zone, which may put off shoppers when they can still pay £1 in the physical stores. Some of Poundworld’s normal customer base may also not be tech-savvy.

The reality is that clicks have not replaced bricks. Indeed, Fujitsu’s Pan European Retail Survey revealed 65% of retailers believe the importance of stores is rising within Europe. It is vital for retailers to ensure they do not lose focus on their physical outlets and enable customers to choose the shopping experience most suited to them.

David Lowrence, retail client engagement manager, Fujitsu UK & Ireland