Sir: We’ve noticed a number of news developments in the ‘premium’ product space of late. But we wonder if retailers and brands have considered what ‘premium’ actually means to UK shoppers today. Our new research - out on Monday - looks at this, as well as whether a brand’s premium positioning is affected by distribution choices or shopper marketing tactics such as promotions.

What’s interesting is that while product quality is more important than price point, when shoppers think about premium brands they are increasingly looking for loyalty rewards through promotions and are perhaps less concerned about the store the product is sold in than brand owners might expect. The retail landscape has shifted.

With this in mind, brand values may need to flex to make sure the brand stays in touch with its showroom and shopper. Vanity for the ‘premium’ brand is simply too expensive to maintain in the current climate.

Danielle Pinnington, MD, Shoppercentric