tesco no time for waste

Sir, Your article ‘Irresponsible redistribution could wreck waste efforts’ (4 March, p5) brings into the spotlight the food safety and reputational risks that are created when surplus food in the supply chain isn’t handled responsibly.

In recent months there have been a number of high-profile Food Standards Agency recalls of branded product that has leeched out into the marketplace through unapproved routes, leading to serious health risks should that product have been consumed.

Retailers should take firm action to ensure that their supply chain is secure. However, we must be wary of isolated incidents like these leading manufacturers to put redistribution in the ‘too difficult’ box. There are a growing number of brand secure, compliant, food-safe, traceable and flexible routes for redistribution out there, including ourselves and FareShare, alongside online schemes like Neighbourly.

Between us, we all share the responsibility for showing the fmcg supply chain what is possible in terms of saving good food from becoming waste, and the impact this has.

By working together we can ensure that redistribution moves from the ‘too difficult box’ into the ‘must do’ box given the compelling business, environmental and social benefits.

Tom Rumboll, commercial director, Company Shop