Sir: We’re delighted to read about the resurgence in organic food sales at Waitrose (‘Organic food sales on the rise in Waitrose,’ 22 June), but The Grocer referenced market sales data that was a year out of date!

In fact, sales of organic have displayed a steady return to growth, with the last 12 weeks showing 2% growth. The winners are those that have brought range and choice back to meet consumers’ desire to purchase in all categories. Waitrose has accurately identified consumer motivation as the bedrock to growth.

At the same time, our ‘Organic. Naturally Different’ campaign continues to drive sales and change attitudes. In our latest research, 68% of people say it will encourage them to buy organic food, while 77% say it’s important to buy organic.

Given the current debate and polarisation of opinion over GM, we expect more consumers to buy more organic food, in more categories and more regularly.

Paul Moore, chair, Organic Trade Board