Sir, UB’s new Oddities biscuits - which turn the normal munch into a more engaging eat (‘How random… UB offers Oddities in unexpected shapes’, 3 December) - offer a wake-up call for the savoury biscuits and crackers market.

While confectionery, crisps and sweet biscuits have long realised the value of more interesting and involving products, the savoury biscuits category failed to follow. Yet with baked goods’ ‘healthier’ credentials, this area has real potential if manufacturers adopt more creative approaches - just look at the size of the US market.

Equally, UB shouldn’t be shy if it did draw inspiration from Rowntree’s Randoms. As Einstein said, “The essence of creativity is combinatory play”. Clashing categories and ‘mating’ previously unconnected ideas is the richest source of innovation. It allows brands to introduce fresh news to their own category, while tapping into ideas consumers already know and enjoy in others.

Tom Ellis, director of insight & innovation, Brand Genetics