Sir, Reports have suggested the Gangmasters Licensing Authority is under threat of abolition from the government’s Red Tape Challenge. It’s been suggested its Whitehall champion, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, has been sidelined in favour of Defra in the ‘bonfire of the quangos’ debate.

Abolishing the GLA can only lead to a national disaster in which vulnerable food workers risk their lives so we can keep eating cheap food. Authorities are already considering dredging the cockle fishery in Morecambe Bay as the only effective way of stopping people putting their lives in jeopardy. Imagine if the government was thinking of burning fields of crops to stop farmers risking their lives with unsafe tractors. It’s unthinkable, but preventable by backing the existing British body and legislation – ensuring legislation to protect vulnerable staff has the teeth and the resources to back it up.

Mark Mitchell, CEO, Meridian Business Support