Sir: Food contamination may be making the headlines at present, but through close collaboration, the food industry can improve on prevention and detection on a global scale. Specifically, developing successful private and public sector partnerships is more important than ever.

And for this reason we recently teamed up with the Food and environment Research Agency (Fera) to set up a new international food safety training laboratory, aimed at improving compliance with EU food import standards.

One of the major risk factors for food supply chain contamination in the EU is that imports can be contaminated before they arrive within the Union’s boundaries. At our facility in York, which opened this week, we aim to ensure that source contamination does not occur by training exporters to the EU on the latest methods for guaranteeing food safety. This will enable food producing countries around the world to implement their own solutions, and gain access to the opportunities offered by trade with Europe.

Such initiatives play an enormously important role in keeping our food safe. The whole food industry works hard to ensure the food we eat is of the quality we would expect.

James Willis, senior director, global market development, Waters Corporation