Sir: Having read your 6 September issue only several hours ago I am subsequently reading this week’s. Well, you can imagine my confusion when I got to p59. There in front of me was The Pod Generation (your Focus on Hot Beverages). With a scratch of my head I thought, “I could have sworn I have just seen this, surely not?” Picked up 6 September issue from the recycle bin and there was the article on p41! 

Lynn Boyle, senior national account manager, Thornton & Ross Ltd

The Editor responds: Well spotted! Yes. It was a repeat and it WAS deliberate. There were some printing issues with some copies last week where the resolution was poor, and it wasn’t possible to determine who was affected, so we reprinted the whole article across the entire print run. In hindsight we should have explained what we were doing but thanks for pointing it out -a good sign that you’re paying attention!