Your feature ‘Loyalty: Who’s Earned It?’ presents a good overview of some factors that help support loyalty to different supermarket brands and couldn’t have been more timely given Tesco has announced it is going to create 20,000 jobs to improve customer service.

The seven loyalty drivers you highlight complement some of the drivers we recently investigated across the supermarkets. Along with fairly functional aspects of people’s experiences with supermarkets, we looked at people’s emotional experiences. Facebook is one place in which brands are able to impact people emotionally.

Overall, two thirds of people impacted emotionally by supermarkets’ Facebook content were likely to then recommend those supermarkets. Yet when we looked at how many people were impacted emotionally, a big difference emerged across the supermarkets. While six in 10 visitors to Waitrose Facebook were impacted emotionally, this was the case for only 39% of visitors to Tesco’s Facebook page - the lowest of the six chains.

People want positive experiences with supermarkets on a functional level, but want to be engaged with emotionally too.

Steve Smith PhD, head of thought leadership, SMV Group