Sir: Commuter commerce offers new opportunities for retailers Asda’s introduction of click & collect points at London tube stations recognises these opportunities and the importance of engaging the commuter shopper via this emerging channel.

Continually on-the-go and demanding ever-increasing flexibility in how they shop, browse, purchase and collect products, commuter shoppers are forcing retailers to think beyond the ‘build it and they will come’ mentality.

Research by Geometry Global showed an overwhelming 89% of shoppers use tablets and mobiles to browse or buy while on the move 59% said that this is purely to save time. For the commuter shopper, time is precious and convenience is key - using commuting time to grocery shop is part of the digital shopper’s world.

Which retailers they buy from, and how they engage with different products, is determined by how well stores and brands meet their on-the-go needs. Retailers need to focus on ensuring that their channels and platforms offer services that augment the consumer purchase decision journey, delivering an enhanced experience relevant and tailored to the customer’s needs and platform of choice.

As mobiles and tablets continue to evolve and the wider rollout and uptake of 4G services grows, commuter shopping is set to experience fast growth and become vital to retail’s future. Asda and other brands taking steps to ensure this channel meets their omni-channel shopper expectations will reap the rewards.

Sarah Todd, CEO, Geometry Global