Sir: I read with interest that Waitrose and Booths have used new loyalty schemes to increase sales (‘Waitrose loyalty card used for half of all sales,’ 9 November, p4). It’s great to see supermarkets looking at new ways to engage customers and increase brand loyalty with these schemes, but innovation in the offers or points systems should just be the start.

The surge in smartphone use has meant that supermarkets have the ability to connect with customers on-the-go through the personal computers in their pockets. Our research earlier this year revealed that while consumer wallets hold an average of four loyalty cards, people now have access to six loyalty schemes via their phones.

Although 92% of people claim that they regularly use at least one loyalty card for a grocery store, only 36% access supermarket schemes through a smartphone. Retailers that don’t embrace smartphones and tablets as part of their loyalty schemes risk being left behind. Mobile gives retailers a platform through which they can build more personal relationships with customers while providing offers and promotions in a more convenient way.

Mark Seddon, CEO, CloudZync