Sir: We were interested in your report about stevia not working for brands (‘Stevia lines axed as category struggles to find sweet spot,’ 7 September). Stevia is a key ally in the war on sugar. With the current obesity crisis in the UK and diabetes on the up, it’s important that consumers have low-sugar food and drink options to choose based on natural ingredients.

But it’s the way stevia is used in products that will determine whether it is a success or not. At Freedrinks we are all about making drinks taste real: real flavours, real aromas and really great natural ingredients. We use stevia in our Zeo range to keep our sugar levels down - but the drinks are designed around stevia and its taste, rather than using it simply as a sugar substitute. We are also working with new stevia companies to increase the purity of stevia to drive down calories even further.

We are constantly innovating to keep down the sugar levels while producing interesting drinks without using artificial ingredients. We believe other brands will also need to innovate in order to keep up with demands for all-natural, lower sugar options that don’t compromise on taste.

Christian Richards-Ozzati, innovation and development, Freedrinks