Sir: I read Gary Lynch’s Third Party article with interest. I agree that brands need to offer “a seamless, integrated and trusted cross-channel purchasing experience, or risk losing out to others that do”, but they must also ensure that all messages are tailored and relevant to each specific channel. Different devices are used by consumers in different ways, and retailers need to take this into account.

The combination of the rapid take-up of new technology and interaction with devices - and the brands on those devices - has created unlimited opportunities for ecommerce. However, as Gary mentioned, along with these opportunities come the dangers of featuring inaccuracies in product attributes, which can lead to confusion amongst customers.

While it is important to steer clear of presenting shoppers with bad data, it is equally important for retailers to collect accurate data for themselves. Furthermore it is essential that agencies have the capabilities to deliver strategic solutions to collect and correctly decipher this data using a combination of data analysis and intelligent interpretation.

Catherine Becker, CEO, adconnection