Sir: Your article ‘No rest for the wicked as shopkeepers shun days off’ (, 28 August) shows the dedication of c-store owners. This is partly why they still continue to thrive, despite strong competition, as they make their customers feel welcome and are available when you need them.

While that in-person contact is vital, many are already aware of the time savings that simple, cost-effective technology can provide to free up the shopkeeper’s time so he or she can focus on their customers when they need to. For example, EPoS gives retailers control, allowing them to make informed decisions on every aspect of the business - from pricing to the effectiveness of promotions, removing the need for time-consuming manual processes.

Clearly, some aspects of a retailer’s job must be carried out manually and in person, but technology can improve efficiency and profitability. Hopefully, this also means shopkeepers can choose when to open, instead of having to stay late to do the admin!

Jon Dunman, VP convenience and fuel solutions, Torex