Sir: We support Tesco’s move to take away confectionery from near its tills in smaller stores by the end of the year, and to make sure these high-sugar foods are not stacked at a child’s eye level (‘Tesco seizes the lead in sweeping away guilt lanes’, 24 May, p4).

Children and their parents face daily temptation from brightly packaged confectionery and many find them hard to resist.

The way high fat, sugar and salt foods are marketed to children is a concern, and we continue to advocate enforcing a watershed for the advertising of these products on the TV.

But if our country really wants to tackle the health problems and huge costs linked to an unhealthy diet, we need to go much further and look more carefully at changes that can be made throughout the whole supply chain, including the approach Tesco and other supermarkets have started.

Larger Tescos stopped selling sweets at checkouts 20 years ago so the decision to roll this out to smaller stores is positive as it impacts on a larger proportion of the population. We’d encourage all supermarkets and shops to consider something similar.

Dr Patricia Mucavele, head of Nutrition, Children’s Food Trust