I wanted to write to congratulate you on a beautiful anniversary issue of The Grocer and a great article on The Stuff of Legends that features my dad, James Walker. The article was a brilliant read and very inspiring to me as an up-and-coming member of the industry. I joined the board of directors for Walkers last year and am currently trying to learn as much as I can about the industry. This week I purchased my first subscription to your publication - I am very much looking forward to being a reader!
Jacqui Walker, non-executive director, Walkers Shortbread

I enjoyed your editorial in the 7 January edition. We all laughed at the prediction from the 1947 edition that people “have long been accustomed to counter-service, and it is doubtful they would be content to wander round a store hunting for goods.”

I just wanted to remind you that ‘counter-service’ is alive and well! The (often unsung) heroes who work on deli, fish, meat and bakery counters in supermarkets up and down the land still provide that personal, personable service. We work with Tesco every day to keep that legacy going and we’re very proud to do so.
Mike Cliffe-Jones, Making Counters Matter