Sir: When it comes to the GSCOP, the MPs I’ve consulted seem worried that suppliers might have the power to beat up retailers. Yet it’s clear most suppliers who could invoke the code of practice believe it would be commercial suicide to do so.

“I might as well torch my factory” is my favourite recent supplier quote on the topic - and confirmation of just how toothless the code is came when a law firm wrote a Third Party in The Grocer telling suppliers how to gently ‘tweak the tiger’s tail’ (9 June, p18) - hilarious!

You want a law firm to tell you right from wrong with a robust opinion, but this sounded like the HR department of the Teletubbies: don’t be confrontational, casually highlight, escalate informally. In other words, ‘be scared, be very scared’.

The slow progress to a system that won’t help prompts me to say again: Learn to play the game. Help is not on the horizon. If you don’t have the skills, get trained.

David Sables, CEO, Sentinel Management Consultants