Sir, As a new football season kicks off, many in the food industry are anxious to transform some of the drab and uninspiring fare that is served up to long-suffering fans.

Fans want quality, and that’s what we need to give them. There was some cynicism when Pasta Pots were introduced to Sunderland’s Stadium of Light, but the fans love them. At Manchester City, Peter’s is trialling new recipes because there’s a trend towards international cuisine and a demand for innovative, nutritious products. Expectations are higher than ever.

It’s also time to change the way food is served. Take a look at the US, where fans are served in their seats and given plenty of opportunity to eat. Even in newer grounds, many kiosks are not fit for purpose. We need modern, well-designed and ventilated units. Imagine food griddled by a professional chef, rather than boiled in a bag.

Neil Court-Johnston, managing director, Peter’s Food Service