Sir: I was intrigued to hear Sainsbury’s chief Justin King tell the BRC’s annual symposium that the “number one issue” for the retail industry following ‘Horsegate’ was “trust”.

Not wishing to let the retailers of the hook, I believe the issue of trust goes wider than retailers. The whole supply chain needs to think about trust and there’s an easy way to demonstrate that food bought at retail or in foodservice can be trusted - that is to buy British and look for the Red Tractor logo.

With Red Tractor, consumers can trust there are no convoluted supply chains bouncing product from trader to trader half way round Europe no Euro-spivs taking their cut no potential for compromise in quality and provenance and no dilution of margin to producer or inflation of cost to consumer. So would it now not make sense for King to revisit Sainsbury’s decision to ditch the Red Tractor from its packaging?

The current Trust the Tractor campaign being run by NPA, NFU, AHDB and Red Tractor Assurance is but a start. With all producers, processors, retailers and foodservice suppliers getting on board, how powerful a message that would that be!

Richard Longthorp OBE, chairman, National Pig Association