The latest grocery share figures from Kantar Worldpanel show Asda has retained its record share of 17.6% and is enjoying strong growth. Competitive pricing is one factor behind its success. However, many other elements contribute to Asda’s achievements, such as great leadership, strong customer-centred beliefs innovation and agility.

It’s important for retail leaders to build a vision for longer-term, sustainable success, and to share that vision across the organisation so staff engage with it. Research shows engaged employees lead to more productive organisations.

Innovation and agility are also important when it comes to spotting opportunities and challenges. Asda CEO Andy Clarke believes Asda’s ability to respond swiftly to often unpredictable changes in the market has been another factor in its success.

It’s very easy for the fight for market share and sales to overshadow everything else. However, successful major retailers know it’s also important to invest in leadership and focus on customers to drive engagement and performance.

Nicky Little, head of leadership development, Cirrus