Sir: I was disappointed to read the article on Malcolm Walker in relation to DBC Foodservice (‘Walking back to happiness’, 4 August).

He appears cavalier in his attitude to suppliers, and shows no compassion at all for the hundreds of employees who lost their jobs when the company went bust.

If he had absolutely no involvement whatsoever, why did his finance director reassure suppliers that the business was owned by “three extremely wealthy individuals”, and imply they would not let it go under?

I am also confused as to how he and his partners have lost money: I believe they paid £1 for the business, none of the shareholders are listed as creditors by Baker Tilly and, as far as I can see, the bank debts will be repaid in full, so no guarantees would apply.

Can he please explain where the £3m personal loss is accounted for?

His whole attitude smacks of arrogance. A lot of people have lost their jobs and a lot of people have lost money.

Washing his hands of the company is a wholly inappropriate way to behave when you’re climbing mountains and have “the best job in the world”.

Name and address supplied