stallone warbutons

Sir: It’s brilliant to see an advertiser like Warburtons willing to spend money on a big-budget ad. It’s a vote of confidence in a medium still by far the best way for an fmcg brand to reach a mass market audience (’Director’s cut’, 11 April, p30).

Nigh on half a million views in two days online indicates the power of the idea and the potential reward for advertisers willing to invest in creativity. So does it work? Not quite for this viewer, because the message - Warburtons makes bread that’s delivered fresh from oven to store every day - is lost in the execution. Hollywood comes to Bolton and Bolton, despite valiant efforts by the supporting cast, gets a bit overpowered. There’s something just a fraction wrong with the set-up too. Surely Stallone would be at Alan Partridge-like levels of career desperation before he pitched a film like this? And oddly the product, when it appears briefly, doesn’t look appetising.

This nitpicking may be overcome by repetition. A shorter cut will probably be more effective, too. The ad certainly bears repeat viewing and there are enough good visual and verbal gags in there to keep it fresh. Nine out of 10 for effort, even if this recipe doesn’t quite rise to the occasion.

Rob Metcalfe, MD, Richmond Towers