Focus on Yoghurt, woman eating sour yoghurt

Sir: I read with interest your focus on yoghurts feature (‘Has yoghurt gone sour?’), which suggested that the retail yoghurt market is one that is in decline.

At Lancashire Farm Dairies, these market stats are in stark contrast with what we’re seeing.

We’ve seen that shoppers are beginning to reach for yoghurt products that can serve them as part of their everyday routine from breakfast through to savoury meals in the evening. This is in part as a replacement, or in addition, to eating yoghurt as a luxury or treat item. For this reason we’re seeing growth driven by our 1kg natural yoghurt big pots.

We believe that this success in a struggling market is down to two things. Our heritage within an ethnic category has meant we’ve been ideally placed to create the everyday natural yoghurt products people are looking for as they move away from sugar-filled sweet yoghurts. Similarly, our history of selling through, and therefore understanding, small local retailers has stood us in good stead to react to the shift to convenience shopping.

I strongly believe that if the yoghurt market is going to buck this negative trend, brands and retailers must move away from viewing yoghurt as a sweet treat towards an everyday part of cooking and meal preparation as is the case throughout the rest of the world.

Azhar Zouq, managing director, Lancashire Farm Dairies