Sir: Stergios Bititsios and Steve Gogerty are right in calling canned food convenient and nutritious (Letters, 4 August). But canned foods are not going to be highly valued by consumers while they remain bland in texture and flavour.

The range, quality and variety of fresh, chilled and frozen products has improved over the years. By contrast canned products seem to have hardly changed. Despite the variety of labels, many canned products taste almost the same due to their heavy heat treatment.

The canning sector has been slow in adopting newer sterilisation processes such as the robust Shaka® process or more controversial high-pressure or microwave processes. Zinetec’s Shaka® process can deliver the quality normally found in chill, but in cans (or other packs) for ambient distribution and storage - and at far lower cost.

The major canners know these processes can improve their products. It’s now up to the grocery trade to demand they use them.

John D Emanuel, licensing advisor to the board, Zinetec