In an interview on Radio 4 last week about the current situation in the pork sector where farmers are being paid less than their costs of production, Sainsbury’s business unit director Simon Twigger claimed that demand had been particularly weak this year for fresh pork and pork products.

Neither Twigger nor Sainsbury’s are first to make such a claim. It is a falsehood that some supermarkets trot out ad nauseam in an attempt to justify paying even less to their pork farmers so they can sell more and make more profit while they expect farmers to supply more and run up even greater losses.

Every time such claims are made I have asked for independent figures to see just how bad the situation is. Kantar Worldpanel figures show Sainsbury’s pork volumes rose 11.7% year-on-year over a period when prices had actually risen!

Richard Longthorp, Pig producer, Yorkshire