Sir: I read with interest the piece by Joanna Blythman (‘Local food is the future’, 30 June) in which she says that no more than 4% of the turnover of the multiples is locally sourced.

Booths is committed to sourcing products that are local and fresh from the counties it serves - Lancashire, Cheshire, Cumbria and Yorkshire.

Indeed, 24% of our turnover comes from local suppliers and we spend over £50m per year with local food producers.

Our sourcing policy strongly demonstrates and affirms our commitment to British and local products. At least 25% of all of the products in Booths at any one time are locally produced. Eighty per cent of our fresh meat comes from the region and we support farmers’ local sourcing and marketing initiatives that return a premium price to farmers.

In season, all of our strawberries, cauliflower, lettuce and tomatoes come from the local area. We are proud to be in a position to sell so many high-quality products from within our trading area and, with our 29th store opening at Milnthorpe in the autumn, we look forward to further developing our regional supplier base.

Edwin J Booth, chairman, Booths